Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University

City: Kokshetau

Website: https://kuam.edu.kz

Type: Государственная

Legal entity type: on

Link to the program in the registry: http://esuvo.platonus.kz/#/university-info

QS Ranking: 0

THE Ranking: 0

About HEI

Kokshetau University named after AbaiMyrzakhmetov was organized in 2000 in accordance with the requirements of new socio-economic processes and reforms taking place in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main mission of the university is to train competitive personnel through modernization, development of corporate culture and a well-thought-out social policy. Among the main tasks facing the university: - preparation of the student (student, undergraduate, doctoral student) as a competitive graduate of a certain professional sphere and as a socially active person, oriented to life in a modern dynamically developing society, in accordance with professional, legal, moral, ethical and aesthetic norms; - the formation of a personality focused on state-patriotic values, a self-sufficient personality, capable of realizing its strength and potential for the benefit of society and its own good. The main activities of the AbaiMyrzakhmetovKokshetau University are related to the implementation of the following tasks: 1. provision of educational services that meet modern requirements for the quality of education in market conditions and are aimed at meeting the needs of society in training highly qualified and competitive personnel; striving to take one of the leading places in the educational services market of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 2. education of students of Kazakhstan patriotism, tolerance, high culture, respect for human rights and freedoms; 3. further strengthening of the material and technical base, improvement of educational, methodological, scientific, financial and personnel support of the pedagogical process; 4. continuous improvement of the university's activities based on the Quality Management System and ensuring the most complete compliance with the quality of educational services provided, the use of innovations in the academic environment to improve the quality of training, taking into account the requirements and expectations of consumers; 5. formation of teaching in three languages in the field of higher and postgraduate education: improving the level of English proficiency of teaching staff, mastering modern, advanced pedagogical theory and practical methods of teaching disciplines, developing educational programs and textbooks for universities, including pedagogical educational programs. The pride of the university is the teaching staff focused on the challenges of modern times, socio-economic processes taking place in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The teaching staff of the university is formed on a competitive basis, taking into account teaching experience and qualifications. The pedagogical corps is united into 12 departments at five faculties. The university consists of the following departments: 1. international relations, history and social work; 2. finance; 3. accounting and management; 4. jurisprudence; 5. foreign languages and translation; 6. information systems and computer science; 7. ecology, life safety and environmental protection; 8. design and cultural and leisure work; 9. social and pedagogical disciplines; 10. tourism, initial military training, physical culture and sports; 11. organization of transportation, traffic, operation of transport and vocational training; 12. military department. Faculties train personnel in such educational programs, the need for which is acutely felt in various areas of the region and the region. AbaiMyrzakhmetov University at 5 faculties conducts training in the state, Russian and English languages in 25 bachelor's degree programs, three specialties at the military department, postgraduate education in 13 master's degree programs, 2 doctoral degree programs.

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