Eurasian Humanities Institute

City: Nur-Sultan (capital city)

Website: https://egi.edu.kz

Type: Частная

Legal entity type: on

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About HEI

The Eurasian Humanities Institute is the intellectual and educational center of the capital, one of the leading universities in meeting the needs of society and the state in the training of highly qualified personnel in demand on the labor market, with professional competencies, innovative approaches and research skills. Studying in EAGI gives an opportunity to receive the prestigious and demanded full time and part time education as well as on reduced terms on the Bachelor degree specialties: Preschool Education and Training; Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education; Pedagogy and Psychology; History; The Kazakh Language and Literature; Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages; Translation major; Jurisprudence; Finance. EAGI is a member of the Association of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Institute has its own educational campus – educational buildings with all modern facilities. It has its own sports complex, a library and the student café. The Institute has medical service and it also provides nourishment of the students. The Institute graduates meet the demands of the employers, many of the graduates continue their education in higher institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad.

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