Seven reasons for study in Kazakhstan

As one of the fastest growing countries, Kazakhstan has become a promising place for higher education in Central Asia. Kazakhstan offers excellent quality and international standards along with excellent facilities, as well as a fair academic system, a rigorous curriculum, and a vibrant student culture. Kazakhstan is a true leader at the regional level in applying the world's best practices to academia, one of which is the recent expansion of academic freedom and university autonomy.


International stability: a safe learning and living environment


Affordable tuition fees and relatively low cost of living


Convenient location: at the junction of two continents, Europe and Asia


Openness and new technologies, willingness to share experiences, exchange opinions and constructive cooperation


Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian, English


Unique nature, full of contrasts: high mountains and vast steppes, diverse flora and fauna.


Values ​​of the Great Steppe: respect for traditions, hospitality, respect for the older generation, responsibility for the future of children