Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan University

City: Shymkent

Website: https://auezov.edu.kz

Type: Государственная

Legal entity type: НАО

Link to the program in the registry: https://auezov.edu.kz/

QS Ranking: 482

THE Ranking: 0.0

About HEI

The largest and multidisciplinary university of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific, educational, intellectual, cultural center of the region. Currently, more than 1,500 teachers are engaged in teaching activities at the university, of which 4 are academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 123 doctors of science, 600 candidates of science. The best scientists and specialists with practical experience, leading scientists from countries near and far abroad, including the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Russia, are involved in the educational process. The material and technical base of the university consists of ten educational buildings of a modern type, two sports complexes, six student dormitories. The university has created educational, scientific and industrial complexes together with the leading enterprises of the region, such as JSC "Interkomshina", JSC "Shymkentcement", LLP "Kazphosphate", JSC "Petrokazakhstan", JSC "Melange", "South-West Agrarian Center". In total, the university has 457 classrooms, 130 laboratory classrooms, 49 computer classes. More than 1800 computers are used in the educational process, of which 85% are new generation computers, 1540 computers are connected to the Internet. Over 600 million tenge was spent on re-equipment and creation of a modern material and technical base by the university, of which over 300 million tenge was spent only on the purchase of the latest equipment. In the current year, a regional engineering laboratory of structural and biochemical materials is being created at the university (funding is 200 million tenge). The most modern laboratory units for distillation of oil, determination of the fractional composition of crude oil, determination of the rheological properties of oil road bitumen that meet European standards have been purchased. Some installations have no analogues in Kazakhstan, so the apparatus for clear distillation of petroleum distillates was noted at the International Exhibition "Education-2007". About 20 thousand students study at the university in 83 specialties. The educational process is organized in such a way that the student, when mastering the practical part of the disciplines of the educational program, implements the main part of practical training in the mode of real work in production. Modern learning technologies have been introduced into the educational process: a credit system, case technology, interactive and innovative teaching methods. The progress of students reached 90%, the number of excellent students increased to 11%. In 2002, as an experiment, the teaching of special disciplines in English was introduced in certain specialties. For these purposes, the Linguistic Center has been opened at the university, where students and teachers are trained in foreign languages. Now the university has more than 120 teachers who teach classes in a foreign language. On the initiative of the rector of the university, in 2005, on the basis of the employment sector, the Career and Marketing Center was established, which promotes the employment of university graduates through close cooperation with enterprises and organizations, marketing research on the labor market and the educational services market.

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