Taraz Regional University named after M.Kh. Dulaty

City: Taraz

Website: https://dulaty.kz

Type: Государственная

Legal entity type: НАО

Link to the program in the registry: http://esuvo.platonus.kz

QS Ranking: 0.0

THE Ranking: 0.0

About HEI

Taraz Regional University named after M. H. Dulati is a university that carries out innovative academic, social and research activities with a wide range of educational programs, research projects in the field of technical, pedagogical, natural, and humanitarian and social sciences. With the acquisition of the status of a regional university, the activities of the university are considered in line with the solution of both all-Kazakhstan and regional tasks of improving the system of general and professional education on the basis of modern scientific and technological achievements, the integration of education, science and industrial activities, and the development of human potential. Educational activities at Dulaty University is carried out according to 251 educational programmes, which are included in the register of EP MES RK. Of these, 139 are Bachelor's, 97 Master's and 15 PhD programmes. The University has 2 institutes, 5 faculties and 51 departments, including the department «Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan» and the military department. To ensure quality, 117 educational programmes have been accredited at the national level by IARA and IAQAE agencies. During the last five years the University has trained over 23000 specialists. The quality of graduates' training and their demand on the labour market are determined by high employment rates. On average, 77% of graduates were employed between 2015 and 2020. One of the university's achievements is also the implementation of a project on simultaneous mastering of several main professional educational programmes in bachelor's specialities with Moscow State University of Food Production (Russia) on educational programmes «Biotechnology» , «Foodstuffs Technology» , «Processing Production Technology» , «Biology» , «Computer Science» , «Life Safety» . We have developed strategic partnerships with the Pedagogical University of Schwebisch Gmund (Germany), the Moscow State Pedagogical University, the Lithuanian Vytautas University, the University of Lodz (Poland), Karabük University (Turkey) and others.

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