Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev

City: Ekibastuz

Website: https://eitiekb@eiti.edu.kz

Type: Частная

Legal entity type: НАО

Link to the program in the registry: http://esuvo.platonus.kz/#/register/education_program

QS Ranking: 0

THE Ranking: 0

About HEI

The institution "Ekibastuz Engineering and Technical Institute named after academician K.I. Satpayev" is a subject of higher professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and operates on the basis of the Charter. It provides training in the following educational programs: 6B07240 Mining (Surveying); 6B07230 Mining (Underground mining of mineral deposit); 6B07210 Mining (Open-pit mining of mineral deposit); 6B07152 Transport, transport equipment and technologies ; 6B07110 Thermal power engineering; 6B07121 Electric power industry (Power stations); 6B07122 Electric power industry (Power supply of industrial enterprises and cities); 6B07140 Technological machinery and equipment (Mining machinery and equipment); 6B07222 Metallurgy; 6B07130 Automation and Control (Automation and process control); 6B07131 Automation and Control (Automation and control in railway transport); 6B06110 Information systems; 6B11310 Organization of transportation by road; 6B11320 Organization of transportation by rail; 6B07310 Civil construction; 6B04110 Economy; 6B04120 Management; 6B04130 Finance; EETI named after Academician K. Satpayev is the only higher education institution in the Ekibastuz fuel and energy region of the country with a population of about 150 thousand people. It purposefully provides training of highly qualified specialists for enterprises of the Ekibastuz fuel and energy complex (hereinafter - EFEC) and the Republic of Kazakhstan, implementation of scientific research and the training of highly qualified personnel on their basis.

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