Civil Aviation Academy

City: Almaty

Website: https://qazcaa.com

Type: Государственная

Legal entity type: АО

Link to the program in the registry: http://esuvo.platonus.kz

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About HEI

The third (after Moscow and Kiev) sub-regional ICAO Aviation Security Training Center in the CISsuccessfully operates at the Academy since 2013,. Its equipment, educational materials and instructors meet all applicable ICAO standards. Professionals trained and certified here are in demand not only in aviation, but also in law-enforcement agencies and power structures. In 2016, the pilot training center was opened at the Academy. Students have a great opportunity to gain piloting skills at the modern Boeing-737, Airbus-320 training complexes and at the only FNTP-II Alsim complex in Central Asia. In addition to students, the current pilots experience retraining on simulators. Students take their first steps into the sky on modern single-engine Tecnam-2002 airplane, after they move to the twin-engine Diamond D-42, some of the finest, modern training aircraft available in the world today, which, similarly to a large aircraft, can be flown around, guided only by instruments hence at night. The Academy's training aircraft fleet will be constantly growing. In addition, to increase the competitiveness of Academy students, the best of them are sent to flight schools in Europe. After training, flight and simulator practiceand passing exams in an authorized organization in the field of civil aviation, graduates receive a commercial pilot certificate (CPL) that meets the requirements of ICAO. The Academy also has a Training Center for Technical Personnel, which provides education in aircraft maintenance. Since 2020, I education for this category (A, B1 and B2) professionals has being carried out under the program of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Training of specialists in air transportation and logistics will be held in accordance with the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For this, an appropriate specialized Center is being created at the Academy. Students trained in the military department, along with a bachelor’s diploma, receive the military rank of reserve officer. In addition, the Academy has long and successfully operated Aviation College, which can train young men and women who wish to receive secondary specialized aviation education. Non-resident students are provided with a dormitory for 380 places, which is located next to educational buildings In the near future, another dormitory building will be built. But the most important , perhaps, is that the teaching of future aviators is carried out by highly-qualified professors, teachers and experienced instructors. Therefore, the Academy is attractive not only to the youth of our country, but also to neighboring countries: Afghanistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and China. At the end of 2019, the Civil Aviation Academy became a member of the International Association of Aviation Universities of the World - ALICANTO, operating under the auspices of ICAO. The Academy has successful masters and doctoral programs (PhD), as well as actively conducting scientific work aimed at solving problems and challenges that the aviation industry could face in the near future. Scientists are conducting research on: the strategy for providing air transport with highly qualified personnel, introducing profiling technologies, regulating and ensuring unmanned aircraft systems flights, data processing and scientific analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Students of bachelor and master’s degrees are actively involved in scientific research.

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