Students Alliance

The Alliance of students of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – ASK) – youth organization, defender of the rights and interests of students. The mission of the organization is: creating conditions for the effective implementation of the intellectual, creative, spiritual, innovative potential of students of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

ASK is a new, not similar to other, student organization of the country. The state needs young, patriotic and intellectually developed people, therefore our ideas, deeds and aspirations find support and achieve an unchanging positive result. We are together and we are power.


ASK goals:

  • Ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of students of the country
  • The formation and development of a sense of patriotism among students
  • The formation of anti-corruption culture among students
  • Development of the intellectual potential of students
  • The formation of a healthy lifestyle among students
  • Improving the internal and external interaction of ASK



ASK structure: 

  • The organizational structure of ASK is represented by a 5-level partner management structure:
  • At the republican level, ASK represents the Republican headquarters of ASK
  • At the regional level, ASK are represented by regional, city headquarters of ASK
  • Regional, city headquarters ASC are directly subordinate to the Republican headquarters


Our principles
The human factor is above all: the most valuable resource is people. The priority in the activities of the ASC is the creation of conditions for the development and self-realization of members of the movement and all with whom we work.


The main projects of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan:

  • Republican summer, winter student camp
  • Republican contest "Student of the year"
  • Operation Net Session
  • Republican contest "How are you, student?", "House of students 2.0"
  • Republican contest "How do you eat, student?"
  • Public monitoring "Benefits on public transport for students of the Republic of Kazakhstan"
  • Student units of the law enforcement "Zhas Sakshy"
  • Republican project "StudUnion"
  • Republican Spartakiad
  • Debate tournament 
  • Students gathering