Shymkent - is a city in the south of Kazakhstan, one of the three cities of national importance, located on the plains between the Sairam and Bad rivers, overlooking the mountain landscape, which is part of the Western Tien Shan. The population of the city is 1,184,113 people.

Shymkent is the third largest city in terms of population and one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers. The city has had an efficient location since its foundation, as the Great Silk Road ran through it. The sights of the metropolis include museums, theaters, mausoleums, parks, Sairam-Su lake, Saryagash resort, etc.

There are 7 universities in the city, where 6787 foreign students study.

Until June 19, 2018, Shymkent was the administrative center of the former South Kazakhstan (now Turkestan) region. Much attention is paid to the development of Shymkent at the state level.