Astana - is the modern capital of Kazakhstan. It is an administrative and political center located in the north of the country, on the banks of the Ishim River. The city is divided into two parts - the right and left banks. As of 2022, the population is 1,340,782, the second largest in Kazakhstan after Almaty.

The city is attractive for tourists and has comfortable conditions for residents and guests. The sights of the metropolis are Akorda, the Central Mosque of Astana, the Palace of Peace and Accord, the Khazret Sultan Mosque, the Astana Opera House, Baiterek, Khanshatyr, etc.

There are 20 universities in Astana with 2706 foreign students.

Today Astana is not only the largest administrative center of Kazakhstan at the crossroads of the main directions of the country's development. This is the leading city that gives impetus to the innovative development of Kazakhstan. The city is the locomotive of change in Kazakhstan in the new millennium.