Lake Kayindy

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A natural lake with crystal clear emerald water is located at an altitude of 2 thousand km in the fabulous Kungei Alatau gorge of the Tien Shan mountain range. An unusual reservoir has existed in the suburb of Almaty since 1911. Then an earthquake occurred in the country, a landslide came down, blocking the mountain gorge and forming a closed valley. Over time, it filled with rainwater. The uniqueness of this lake in Kazakhstan is that century-old pines grow directly from the water. Despite the great depth, the water is so clear that the bottom is visible. Depth up to 25 meters and changing shades of water cannot but bewitch.



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Bayanaul is a paradise in the Bayanaul mountains. The village is located on the shore of Lake Sabandykol. This reservoir is also called soapy, since the water in it is extremely soft. This place is surprisingly calm, but there is a lot to see. The Bayanaul Mountains of Kazakhstan are incredibly picturesque. Entirely covered with pine forests, birch and aspen groves, they are famous for their healing air. It is no coincidence that popular resorts of Kazakhstan are located in the Pavlodar region. Every year, guests of the country want to see the pristine nature, climb to the top of Akbet, go fishing in the Toraigyr and Birzhankol lakes, take pictures against the background of a black alder forest, go down to the Konyr Aulie cave and make a cherished wish. Local residents assure that it will definitely come true.


Valley of the balls

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Such natural areas of Kazakhstan as the Valley of Balls in Mangistau make scientists puzzle. This landmark of incredible beauty - hundreds of bizarre stones are scattered across the plain. The spherical nodules in this valley vary in size - from a few centimeters to a meter or more. It is believed that the balls were formed as a result of electrical discharges in the earth's crust in places of tectonic faults. But there is another version: the stone beads formed at the bottom of the ancient sea, which dried up. Tourists who come to the Valley of the Balls take pictures with pleasure against the backdrop of this fantastic natural wonder. The pictures are incredible.


 Natural Park Altyn-Emel

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Make sure how beautiful nature is by visiting the Altyn-Emel National Park in Semirechye. This corner in the valley of the Ili River is shrouded in mystery. Only here you can walk on the frozen volcanic lava, which has turned into the Katutau rocks. Radon springs are beating in the park. A 700-year-old willow grows near one of them. Everyone who walks in the park considers it their duty to hug the oldest tree on the planet. The secret of willow immortality is in the constant replenishment of radon water. According to scientists, 15 million years ago, this area was covered with water. Perhaps this explains the huge number of canyons and beautiful gorges in these lands.


 Lake Borovoe

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Borovoe is one of the most visited resorts in Kazakhstan. For its beauty it is called the Kazakhstani Switzerland. This is an amazing steppe oasis with blue lakes, blue-green coniferous forests and picturesque hills. The pearl is the lake of the same name with mineral water, in the middle of which there is a rock Zhumbaktas. It resembles a frozen Sphinx, so the landmark can often be seen in travel brochures and postcards. Borovoe is especially popular in winter: guests rush for a portion of healthy air and adrenaline from winter sports.


Kurgaldzhinsky reserve

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The endless water surface is a unique habitat for pink flamingos. There are about 60 thousand of them. The reserve is considered the northernmost nesting colony of birds. Despite the large population, flamingos are not allowed close to tourists. You can see pink birds only through binoculars. The whole reserve is picturesque blue lakes and channels without a single tree around. The opening panorama is enchanting, leaving an indelible impression.



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Unique pristine nature - Kazakhstan is rich with it. Direct proof of this is Katon-Karagay. In this corner of the Kazakhstan land, they meet the snow leopard, the Red Book black storks, the stone marten and the Altai sable. Here snowy peaks, alternating with glades of berries and mushrooms, cedar taiga, abounding mountain rivers and lakes with crystal water are unusually combined. Walking around the area, you can come across a flower lawn of peonies and tulips.


Charyn canyon

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The canyon is located 200 km from Almaty. For the large number of rocks, towers and wonderful columns on the territory, it is also called the Valley of Castles. According to archaeologists, Charyn was created by nature itself. It arose from the fast flow of the river of the same name, flowing through the hot steppe. Hewn stone age-old sculptures have acquired extraordinary forms. The water literally carved relief images in the rocks. The age of the natural landmark is over 12 million years. Often this area is called the younger brother of the famous Grand Canyon in America.


Burkhan-Bulak waterfall

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Royal waterfall, 168 m high, is the highest in Central Asia. It is located in the Dzhungarskiy Alatau mountain range and consists of four cascades. Despite the fact that the lower part of the waterfall is hidden under a landslide, the picturesque nature of the place attracts tourists from all over the world. Not far from the waterfall, mountain peaks rise, surrounded by deciduous and spruce forests. Breaking down from a great height, glacial water breaks beautifully against the rocks, irrigating the spruce forest at the foot of the mountain.


Kolsai lakes

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Three magnificent bottomless lakes in the Northern Tien Shan are surrounded by forest and clean meadows. Trout is found in the cold waters of the Lakes, and there are places for camping, boat and horse rides on the shores. The depth of the lakes is up to 80 m. Lynxes and bears walk around the lakes in wonderful meadows. Wildlife 300 km from Almaty annually attracts guests from all over the world. Kazakhstan, whose attractions are not limited to architectural and historical monuments, is known for a large number of natural parks.